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发布日期:2017-07-25 浏览次数: 1910
Craig's Cruisers Family Fun Center家庭娱乐室内过山车蹦床

近日,位于美国密歇根州大急流城(Grand Rapids)的“克雷格巡洋舰”家庭娱乐中心(Craig's Cruisers Family Fun Center)宣布将增加240万美元(约人民币1,617万)的投资份额,用于扩建额外的36,000平方英尺(约3,345平方米)室内面积。届时,场馆内将新建一个室内过山车、室内蹦床公园以及扩建原有的激光射击竞技场





“克雷格巡洋舰”室内家庭娱乐中心连锁店集团销售和市场经理凯特•斯拉舍(Cait Thrasher)表示:在密歇根州西部,有接近一半的公园是仅开放半年的。而“克雷格巡洋舰”室内家庭娱乐中心的扩建计划,将能为大急流城带来更多的室内乐趣,同时通过添加更多的室内项目,将能够全年地为客户提供更多的服务。


由伍尔弗林建筑集团(Wolverine Building Group)建设的扩建项目已于7月18日上午10时举行了动工仪式,预计将于明年二月份完成所有工程。





Laser tag arena coming to Craig’s Cruisers in Michigan

Craig’s Cruisers adding ‘spinner’ roller coaster as part of $2.4M expansion

WYOMING, MI —  Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center will grow by a one-third with a $2.4 million expansion.


The additional 36,000 square feet will house an indoor roller coaster, trampoline park and two-level laser tag arena.


“This is the next step, we are ready to be bring more indoor fun to Grand Rapids,” said Cait Thrasher, group sales and marketing manager for the amusement park chain. “Being in West Michigan, half the park is closed half the year. By adding more indoor items, we are going to be able to give customers more all year long.”


The roller coaster will be a spinner coaster, which means cars will rotate on a vertical axis as they go around a figure 8 track.


The expanded laser tag arena will big enough for up to 40 players instead of the current maximum of 24.


The 20,000-square-foot trampoline park will be the biggest part of the expansion.


The facility currently has indoor and outdoor go-karts, two mini golf courses, arcade games and laser tag along with a pizza and pasta buffet.


Craig’s Cruisers has three other locations in Silver Lake, Holland and Muskegon. The Wyoming location, at 5730 Clyde Park Ave., is the largest and the only one opened daily year around.

The Silver Lake location, the original Craig’s Cruisers attraction, opened in 1979 and remains operational during the summer months. The Holland and Muskegon locations are also open during the summer, and on the weekends during the rest of the year.


The last major expansion of the Wyoming location was in 2006 when a restaurant, that can seat up to 700 people, was added.


A groundbreaking for the project is slated for 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 18. The project, which will be constructed by Wolverine Building Group, is expected to be completed in February.


The expansion will be in the front of the building where parking is located. Craig’s Cruisers acquired several properties along Clyde Park to expand the parking closer to the road.


“We’ll have a net gain of parking spaces,” Thrasher said.