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​TPU software elephant

品牌:Dreamer & Mouse Clubhouse





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TPU software elephant

Shenzhen City Xintiandi recreation facilities limited company focused on the theme of indoor playground, design and production of children qinzaiyueyuan, children amusement equipment software parent-child product; marketing planning services, set the franchise as one of the industrial company.
Founded in 2008, Xintiandi amusement park is the earliest company engaged in the design and manufacture of parent-child products such as theme indoor amusement parks, children's family amusement parks and children's software amusement facilities in Shenzhen. With more than 10 thousand square meters of office production base, now the subsidiaries are constantly open; owns "dreamers & clubhouse" children theme park brand. The company has many years of children's playground design and planning experience and an excellent technical team; is the domestic theme indoor children's playground equipment well-known manufacturers.
Now the "dreamers & clubhouse" theme park for children throughout the country each big city stores, and the Pearl River Delta and many brand shopping center, shopping malls, supermarkets and other commercial fields all close cooperation. For children to create a new "puzzle, health, happiness" as the theme of parent-child playground, to parents and children together new space for the game, give the child a close and happy atmosphere. Let the children's hearts feel the sunshine and happiness, and have a colorful childhood! Is our greatest wish!
The company has:
Shenzhen Xintiandi amusement facilities Co., Ltd.
Dongguan city Changping clubhouse amusement equipment factory